Website Chair - Pavel Medvedev

With over five years of experience in clinical research and clinical informatics, Pavel has gained both direct and translatable skills through professional and personal development. Having held roles of increasing responsibility in the healthcare space, Pavel brings an understanding of the challenges involved in knowledge translation and innovation work vital to the future success of this sector. His background in basic scientific research, clinical trial management (involving centers in Canada, US, and Europe), and most recently clinical informatics, have provided the opportunity to gain the knowledge required to ensure successful implementation and adoption of a wide range of projects.

Currently, he is working on one of Canada's biggest health care digital transformation project - the implementation of a single clinical information system in Alberta. In this role as a health informatics professional, he bridges the communication and understanding between clinical and IT staff in the design and build of the system. When not working, Pavel sits on the University of Alberta Health Research Ethic Board. This board deals with applications that involve invasive interventions and invasive measures, regardless of how significant a part the intervention or measure.

He enjoy staying active by participating in various community sport leagues, the great outdoors, and home improvement projects (which sometimes take longer than expected).